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Damietta University

Damietta University

تأسست جامعة دمياط عام 2012 بمدينة دمياط في مصر تأسست جامعة دمياط عام 2012 بمدينة دمياط في مصر Damietta University

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Number of Students:30000 Number of Staff:900
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The study began in a number of faculties when the number of Mansoura University students from the sons of Damietta increased in the various faculties, then decisions were issued to establish branch faculties according to the regulations of the corresponding faculties at Mansoura University, which were developed later and added many special programs to it, so work began at the Faculty of Education in the academic year 1976-1977, followed by the College of Science and classes for the College of Commerce in the academic year 1986-1985, then the College of Specific Education in the year 90-1991, then the College of Applied Arts in the year 2004-2005, and the faculties of commerce, agriculture, literature and physical education in the academic year 2006-2007 . In 2007, Republican Decree No. (276) was issued to establish a branch of Mansoura University in Damietta.
At that time, three faculties were located on one campus in the Al-Aasar neighborhood of Damietta, which are the faculties of applied arts, literature and agriculture. The rest of the five faculties are located in separate places in the new city of Damietta, which are the faculties of science, education, commerce, specific education and physical education, in addition to branch management, male housing and female housing. In July 2012, Republican Decree No. 19 of 2012 was issued to establish Damietta University, located in New Damietta.
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About 200 acres have been allocated in the new city of Damietta to establish a campus for the university branch in Damietta (when it was affiliated with Mansoura University). The new university campus includes many different construction stages that serve all the activities of the university, namely:
The first stage: consists of 30 classrooms and 40 classrooms, accommodating 10,000 male and female students
The second stage: consists of 30 auditoriums and 40 classrooms, accommodating 10,000 male and female students
The third stage: consists of 4 central amphitheatres, accommodating 4,000 male and female students
Fourth stage: the central laboratories and the faculties of engineering, computers and information
- Infrastructure
The university's general administration building
- Administrative Buildings Complex: It consists of 12 blocks, accommodating 8 colleges
Olympic Village
University Faculties:

Damietta University includes 14 colleges:
- Faculty of Education
- Faculty of Science
- Faculty of Commerce
- Faculty of Specific Education
- Faculty of Applied Arts
- Faculty of Literature
- Faculty of Agriculture
- Faculty of Physical Education
- Faculty of Engineering
- Faculty of Law
- Faculty of Archaeology
- Faculty of Nursing
- Faculty of Computing and Information
- Faculty of Medicine


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