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Future University in Egypt - FUE

Future University in Egypt - FUE

FUE is one of the prominent private universities in Egypt. Founded in 2006, by the Presidential Decree 254/2006 according to law number 101/1992 and executive regulations 219/2002, Future University in Egypt is a leading private university strategically located in the heart of New Cairo. FUE is one of the prominent private universities in Egypt. Founded in 2006, by the Presidential Decree 254/2006 according to law number 101/1992 and executive regulations 219/2002, Future University in Egypt is a leading private university strategically located in the heart of New Cairo. Future University in Egypt - FUE

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Title:Founder of Future University in Egypt

The late Dr. Hassan Azazy, was an educational innovator, pioneer and visionary, who left an indelible mark on Egyptian education. Dr. Azazy, a powerful advocate for excellence in teaching and research, was also University’s first Chairman of the Board of Trustees. As the University rises to excellence in the 21st Century, it has not forgotten the firm dedication of its founder in creating a forum for the limitless growth of knowledge, the free exchange of ideas, and the improvement of the individual and society as a whole.
Dr. Azazy’s educational enterprises began with the establishment of the Tarek Ben Zied School in 1958 followed by the Riyadh Private Secondary School Group in 1967 and continued to include seven private schools of various specialiesms throughout Egypt. While establishing and managing schools, Dr. Azazy held many prestigious positions. He was a member of the Supreme Council of High Institutes as well as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In addition, he served as chairman of private school industries and the Educational Centres Society’s Owners in Egypt . He was a representative of private school owners in the Central Committee of Private Education at the Ministry of Education. He also represented private school owners on the Private Education Committee for all Cairo zones as well as on the Private Education Committee of the Ministry of Education (Education zones: Heliopolis, Nasr City, Hadayek El-Kobba, and Ain Shams). Dr. Azazy was the Secretary General of the Education Syndicate in the East Cairo educational zone and Chief of the Education Syndicate in the Kobba zone. As a result of his service and many other invaluable contributions to education, Dr. Azazy was awarded an honorary doctorate from the American World University in 2008.
Dr. Azazy’s son, Mr. Khaled Azazy, continues his late father’s legacy by serving as the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Future University in Egypt.

Dr. Khaled Hassan Azazy

Title:Chairman of Board of Trustees at Future University in Egypt
Mr. Khaled Hassan Azazy started his career in the field of education by supporting the family business headed by the late Dr. Hassan Azazy. In 2008, Mr. Azazy assumed the Chairmanship of the Azazy Group. He spearheaded the formation of the University’s Board of Trustees and Board of Advisors. Under his management, FUE increased its student headcount, introduced a quality management system and contributed to internationalizing Higher Education in Egypt. Moreover, FUE’s educational partnerships with renowned European, American as well as Asian universities have enhanced the impact of the University on Egyptian higher education.
Mr. Azazy sustained Azazy Group’s mission to provide quality education at affordable costs. At the outset, Mr. Azazy directed his attention and efforts to the K-12 sector in Egypt, to ensure the sustainability of the Group’s success. After that, Mr. Azazy focused on vocational education by establishing technical schools and institutes, linking them up with market industries, thus creating employment opportunities for the graduates of these institutes.
As part of Mr. Azazy visionary leadership, Azazy Group’s launched Malvern College Egypt – the first top British school to open an international branch in the MENA region. The uniqueness of the School lies in its offering top-quality education with British roots, while simultaneously addressing Egyptian and Arab history and culture.
Mr. Khaled Azazy’s firm commitment to the value of social responsibility is clearly evidenced in the work carried out by the Future Factory for Industrial Pharmaceutical Training, FUE Dental Hospital and the Hayah Foundation for Sustainable Development. The success rate of these institutions may be witnessed in the positive impact these entities have on their recipients.

Title:Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Dr. Hisham Arafat, the former Egyptian Minister of Transport, took over the Ministry of Transport in the amendments to the Ministry of Sherif Ismail in February 2017, and continued his position in the Ministry of Mustafa Madbouly until he resigned from his position on February 27, 2019. During his tenure in the Ministry of Transport, he supervised the national project on roads, which made a remarkable leap In the road infrastructure in Egypt.
Hisham Arafat received his Bachelor of Engineering from Ain Shams University in 1985; Obtained a master's degree from the same university in 1991; He obtained his doctorate through a channel system between Ain Shams University in Egypt and the University of Braunschweig in Germany. He was included in many positions at the university, where he held the position of a member of the National Committee for Supervising Special Programs.
Dr. Arafat held the post of Minister of Transportation, Arab Republic of Egypt from February 2017 to March 2019, set-up all strategic plans for the restructuring of railways, metro-lines subways and LRT, maritime, dry ports, river transportation and highways. During his period, he contributed in boosting Egypt’s rank as recognized by the global competitiveness index report released by the world economic forum to a non-precedential figures (highways from 117 on 2016 to 28 on 2020, railways from 75 to 50, maritime from 65 to 48). Moreover, he instigated crucial institutional capacity process and legislation reform pertained to all mass-transportation as releasing the law of Urban transportation, law of railways, and the law of transportation using Information technology. At his taking over assignment, he unleashed the strategic plan of maritime ports and logistics up to 2030 for the first time in Egypt.
He was the Head of Structural Engineering and Construction Management Department at Future University in Egypt from 2008 until 2017.
He is a member of the International Association of Bridges and Structural Engineering (IABSE) and a member of the Scientific Committee for the New Code of Building (EC-207) for Bridges, Overpasses and Underpasses. He is also a member of the Arab Code of Bridges. Dr. Arafat published more than 35 papers focused on geotechnical, construction management, asset management, risk assessment and structural topics related to bridges, tunnels and prodigious infrastructures in international journals and international conferences. He has also supervised a 30 M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis on the subject.
He has more than 35 years of experience in the design of transportation infra-structures particularly flyovers, bridges, underpasses and tunnels. Furthermore, he has an extensive experience in conducting and supervising geotechnical studies, soil surveys for more than 900 projects in Egypt. He has also worked on structural design work for roads, bridges and tunnels for a large number of landmark projects in Egypt and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Arafat holds a B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University in Cairo. He was awarded a Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Scholarship (“DAAD”) to conduct Ph.D. Thesis at Institute Fuer Grund-Bau und Boeden Mechanic at Braunschweig, Germany from 1993 to 1996.
Moreover, he is currently a non-executive Board member of AMER group and MiDBANK since 2020.

Title:President of Future University in Egypt
Professor Sarhan is an Egyptian pioneer in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology with over 35 years of professional international and regional experience, over 45 scientific articles and books, and various consultancy projects.
He is the founding President of Future University in Egypt. He founded the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology at Helwan University, the first faculty of its kind in a public university in Egypt. Prior to that, he established the Scientific Computing Center at Helwan University and held several academic positions leading to his promotion to Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology at the University.
He is a member of a number of organizations including: the Egyptian Academy for Scientific Research and Technology, the Egyptian Computer Society , the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate, the Scientific Committee of the International Conference of Artificial Intelligence, the Egyptian Teachers’ Syndicate. He is the editor in chief of Future Computer Journal.
He was also an active member of the National Information Committee at the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the Egyptian National Council for ICT and a member of the Computer and Information Systems Sector Committee at Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.
He is a member of a number of professional international organizations including: the British Computer Society, the UK Institution of Electrical Engineers and the US Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He was also a member of the Evaluation Committee of Information Technology Project and Undergraduate Degrees of Computer Science at Ajman Faculty at the Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates.

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